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Giving back in 2012


Since we launched Empathy Logic, we wanted to adhere to Marc Benioff’s original 1/1/1 philanthropy model for the Foundation. To that end we worked this year with a number of charities. By far our largest contribution towards a goal of 1% of revenue, was our donation to charity: water. We first met Scott Harrison, charity: water’s Founder, at the Responsys Interact Conference in 2012. His charity’s model was definitively a shot of fresh water: 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects for people in need. We have been promised GPS coordinates and photos of the village we helped this year, and a link to the project in Google Maps, stay tuned for an update! Check these guys out and help us transform communities.

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Interview with Marketing Labs


Felix was just interviewed by Alina Sanchez from Marketing Labs. Alina has been an incredible consulting partner, working both with Felix as an executive at Sun, and with Empathy Logic afterwards.

Marketing Labs keeps growing and continues to be a guiding light for us as we develop our go to market strategy. They specialize in integrated marketing strategy and communications for large companies. When we worked with them at Sun, they already had bigger clients…Check out some of their work here.

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Marketing analyst review


We finished the year with our first public mention by an analyst. The excellent David Raab mentioned us on his Raab and Associates blog: Customer Experience Matrix. The title of the blog post was: Beyond Marketing Automation: Building a Complete Marketing Infrastructure. In it, David first validates our value proposition, and then uses it to launch into a discussion about the need for automation across marketing functions. The article ends with a list of components for a reasonable marketing architecture. At the top of the list: Marketing Database Management. We strongly believe that the combination of a great marketing database and automation across marketing channels increases ROI for all the channels connected.

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2011 Year in review

Just a couple of months ago we passed the one-year anniversary mark of Empathy Logic. We were really busy, so unfortunately we had no time to celebrate. I thought it would be good to share a bit about this first year of start-up madness:

It has been a good year overall, we have been gradually getting more interest in our solutions. We continue to grow our customer base, and existing clients are expanding the operations that they run with ELS, either integrating more systems, or adding brands and/or subsidiaries.

Some of the partnerships we established this year helped solidify our portfolio of solutions, while others resulted in joint projects with new customers. We are so proud of these partnerships! They are all really synergistic!

Our team has grown substantially this first year; we have a solid engineering and operations crew that is 150% GO, with no fluff or fear. They spent quite a lot of time training with our partners. Our web team revved the site twice in this first year, maturing and adapting our brand image as we grew. Our strategic planning for year 2 includes expanding our sales and project management talent base.

Our families really make Empathy Logic what it is. They are excited about our achievements, they support us through the stress and duress of the start-up process, and they proudly believe and relate to our core value propositions. They are really the support backbone of this young company.

To our clients, partners, suppliers, employees, contractors, friends and family: thank you, thank you, and thank you for your faith, relentless support and shining empathy!!

Wishing you a very happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

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SAP, and the “IT thing”

There was a very interesting announcement last week regarding integration with SAP: “SAP, meet Creating a social enterprise by unlocking the SAP core.” Mike Rosenbaum, SVP of platform operations, posted on his blog.

This was a one sided integration exercise, confirmed Thomas Wailgum on his own SAP News, Analysis and Insight. Sameer Patel from The Sovos Group pitched in, stating: The strategy  can be the bridge for Salesforce to move from the sales organization out to the rest of the enterprise, he says. “It makes absolute sense from Salesforce’s perspective.”

In any case, the initiative announced by Mike Rosenbaum, is setup to leverage the Clients’ own IT resources and external data integration consultants like IBM and Informatica, as he describes on his post. In our experience, this “IT thing” is a big problem for marketing departments wanting to integrate Customer and Prospect data. Marketing is often at the bottom of IT’s priority list, and the internal integration projects become very expensive fast.

We have a more cost effective, faster to implement and IT independent alternative. We are integrating SAP, and other automation systems today for our Clients. We make the Customer and Prospect data available to all these systems, some of the business cases we are solving include:

  • Need to integrate bi-directionally Customer and Prospect data between an internal CRM (SAP) and an external CRM ( at a Tele-Marketing vendor or Field Marketing/Sales Team).
  • Need to use ERP transactional data (SAP and/or Oracle) to model demand generation success patterns and generate high yield campaign segments for execution on automated marketing platforms (Eloqua and/or Responsys).
  • Need to bring campaign data (Eloqua, Google Analytics, back into the opportunity management system (SAP) to create executive dashboards leveraging the management metrics solution used internally (SAP/Business Objects).

We differentiate Empathy Logic by making these integrations light weight, lower cost, with almost no IT intervention (saving the marketing and sales teams time and money). We run them on a SaaS platform leveraging Open Source and cloud technologies: the Empathy Logic Server.

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Marc Benioff: Social Media and Mobile platforms transforming Customer Relationships.

Just over the weekend I spent some time listening to Marc Benioff. He is one of our Valley heroes, so we follow him at Empathy Logic. Last week, after the hotel presentation in San Francisco rebelling against Oracle, and the passing of Steve Jobs, he tied everything together in a presentation at the National Middle Market Summit in Ohio.

He started this presentation remembering Steve Jobs, and how much he did for the industry, and for Marc personally as a leader and mentor.

Then he launched into a presentation designed to show the tremendous momentum of Social Media and Mobile Platforms as game changers, not only for Consumers, but also for the Enterprise.

People spend more time on Facebook than on the whole rest of the Internet together. And they do connect on mobile platforms, smart phones and tablets more than from enterprise desktops. Given that reality, how can companies be part of these conversations about them on the Social Graph?


Watch live streaming video from nationalmiddlemarketsummit at


Benioff then played a couple of great videos showcasing products like Chatter, Radian6 and, driving real world connections to customers and prospects at clients like Burberry and General Electric.

The key question posed by Benioff to the audience of marketing and sales leaders of the enterprise: “How can we delight our Customers in an new fundamental way?”

As a complement to solutions, there is an important part that Benioff left off in his presentation: the hard work of connecting customer data from all the sources leveraged by the client. This means  strong Customer Data Integration (CDI), and automating the response process to customer interactions with Marketing Automation solutions.

Let me break it down:

Many vendors today integrate their marketing automation systems with Not many solutions are able to collect data from the important transactional systems running in the back end (data that can be used for up-sell, cross-sell, subscription, revenue cycle, etc.). The best CDI brings data from all on-line channels and ERP systems, to paint the complete 360° Customer picture.

This data does not belong in a CRM solution. It would slow down processes for sales, and would make segmentation very limited through user interfaces. Also, the cost of maintaining a Master Data Management solution in the CRM platform is too high.

Where we can help:

Empathy Logic provides a SaaS solution that already connects to, and to all these other channels, increasingly through standard APIs.

We partner with because we export great opportunity data to the CRM process, leveraging all the other marketing automation channels. We also collect data from to feed scoring and profiling processes leveraging CDI. Finally, we leverage Social Media and 3rd party data augmentation from and others, including ERP and Marketing Automation systems.

We  make CRM more efficient, more customer centric, and more delightful to your customers as Benioff recommends.

Empathy Logic can help you delight, retain and grow your customer base, while accelerating revenue cycles today. See how.

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Christine Crandell on revenue acceleration, from Creatorbase

My friend and Sun veteran, Erick Mott , writes an excellent blog at Creatorbase. Recently, Erick interviewed Christine Crandell, a leading marketing strategist and Forbes blogger. In this interview she provides advice on how to attract new buyers, retain customers, increase revenue and keep executives happy.

Christine explains in detail how to achieve CMO’s current top goal: revenue cycle acceleration. Her 2 top items to do in order to achieve it:

1)   Get all the data from your marketing automation systems, now in silos, into a data mart.

2)   Perform market research to understand what your Customers want and need.

This is great validation of our vision at Empathy Logic. We can help you get these done quickly and affordably, leveraging our cloud-based marketing solutions. Thank you Christine and Erick!

Most leaders in the industry are realizing that having an aggregated Customer and Prospect database is the key to becoming relevant to them.

The more you know about your Customers and Prospects, the more you can figure out what would interest them from your offerings, and how you should be marketing to them.

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The data on losing customers

Infographics are amazing at showing large amounts of data in a way that can be comprehended quickly. In this case the subject is “Fastest ways to lose customers” published by GetSatisfaction on their blog some months ago, and based on large customer studies.

So, looking at this infograph, reasons 1, 4 and 5 respectively for lost customer relationships are:

  • Customers having to repeat themselves
  • Representatives don’t know their histories of value
  • They can not switch between communication channels easily

Well, are you surprised? If you (the larger you, anyone in your company) can’t remember (or pull up from a DB) the previous interactions with a customer or prospect, or you are sending them the wrong offer, or information about a product or solution they have no interest in, again because you don’t remember who they are…

It does not take long for your prospects and customers to realize that you have little or no respect for them. Respect here being a normal expectation, they are spending their time and/or money on you…

It is a good thing then, that we have centered our value proposition at Empathy Logic around solving the 3 issues above and some others related.

Those who follow Empathy Logic, understand our quest to develop richer, more relevant strategies and processes for our clients’ marketing channels. Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve high levels of relevance and empathy with their customers, to keep them happy, and more important: just to keep them!

Ask me about it, seriously! I know how you can keep your Customers.

Kudos and thanks to the great Guy Kawasaki and his Alltop service for Twitting about it.

GetSatisfaction runs cloud based customer service solutions. We have leveraged their technology in conjunction with our Spanish client Bestiario for the customer service side of

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“User-driven” Business Intelligence

ELS Business Intelligence is a customized and optimized version of Pentaho BI, a successful open source software. EL optionally provides this solution along with base ELS product for managing data as we see huge value in its easy to use interface for doing data analysis for marketers.

Here is a YouTube video explaining the new features and capabilities of the latest version (Pentaho BI 4) released in August 2011. The key message is clearly the “user-driven” aspect only capable through easy to understand user interface.

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AWS and how to get back to the future

We just went through a large Amazon web service outage that affected a large number of sites and services, including some notable startups like FoursquareQuora and Reddit. The long list of companies affected is here

Our own client Impure is on the list. Services are recovering slowly and AWS has been criticized for their lack of transparency: see Roman Staneck’s open letter here.

But, if you put aside the normal noise that technology journalist like to make when these things occur, and look at it with the perspective that experience gives you, things look different.

I have been through outages in data centers that would seem impossible. Ten years ago, while working for Netscape, Sun and AOL (the iPlanet joint-venture). A Cisco switch upgrade brought down most of AOL’s infrastructure, we were affected a bit by it, and as we participated on the war room calls, we watched amazed at the large domino waterfall of top sites at the time. These guys knew very well what they were doing, and yet, complexity at the edge of their network surprised them.

Fast forward 4 years, and we were running a large infrastructure for Sun Software leveraging Genuity (previously GTE and later split into Verizon and Level3), this infrastructure was running as a middleware showcase. We used our own portal, application, identity and web serving solutions, localized for 13 sites globally, with millions of visitors daily…and it could be very very hard to keep up.

But guess what? We could get very close to the five nines, yes you can, it is just expensive. We were able to get full availability for 2 years, no downtime, not even for maintenance. But it was expensive as hell! Four data centers, triple redundant everything, dedicated security and availability staff, country and global dedicated load balancers on the fiber main backbone…

And then…We could not maintain the expense, it became OK to be down for 8 hours of un-scheduled events every quarter or so, if we could save a couple million bucks in the process.

This is the kind of perspective that should be applied to the AWS event. EC2 is a really good deal, it simplifies IT to the extreme, it lowers costs as never seen before, and yes, it makes you dependent of someone’s else management and technical abilities.

As we go through these events. The best approach that I can think of, is a combination of cloud and load balancing and traffic directing solutions. Could the big startups affected do better if they had a distributed data center strategy? Could you have more than one cloud provider? Could you have very high availability and low cost together?

I am sure there are many minds readying these value propositions right now.